Technical skillset

Professional Level:

Amateur level:


Freelance Solutions Engineer

2014/05 - Present

Mostly dealt with various one-off projects requiring knowledge on how to work with databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis) and interact with various APIs (REST, JSON, XML, SOAP).

Implementations mostly in Python (Flask, Odoo, Requests, SQLAlchemy)

R&D Engineer - Teadusmosaiik LLC (Estonia)

2013/01 - 2014/04

Software Engineer - Movial Professional Services LLC (Finland)

2005/03 - 2007/06

Open Source Contributions

Various small improvements (bug fixes, documentation and feature improvements) in multitude of open source projects.

Recent activity mostly in Linux-Sunxi community - wiki maintenance, patch testing and review for various sunxi SoC components (CAN controller, IR controller and various other) resulting in some improvements to Linux kernel.


University of Tartu


Fun stuff with Estonian Physics Society:

Tallinn University of Technology

2002 - 2005