Apple //e with Disk ][ Drives and Apple Monitor ///

This seems to be an Apple //e “early” model i managed to buy from a local auction site. Bought it at somewhat hefty price in a non-working condition, hoping to get it working in future.

It was housed inside a "security" rack, which contained two small barrel locks, that I had no keys for.

TODO pics.


Firstly, all chips were socketed which made my life a lot easier.

It also has weird "G" sticker in the bottom of the mainboard.

Apple //e motherboard revision
Apple //e motherboard information.
Apple //e G sticker
G sticker under the motherboard.


*: Eventually tracked down that those two chips were bad :(


Case itself was in quite a good condition, although all the two rubber pads in the back were removed and extra 4 circular rubber feet for security bolts were glued to the bottom.

Apple //e case label
Case label.

Power Supply